HET PAROOL fashion: breakthrough portraits of designers and creations. Each designer is given a clean canvas to cut or draw on as he likes.

Concept: Emilio Brizzi    Art Direction & Copy: Alexandrea Besuijen and Bregje Lampe   

Hair and Make up: Patricia van Heumen @ Angelique Hoorn

  my captions  

 Jan Taminiau


  (Petra) Petrovsky






Jan Taminiau was inspired by


Degas for this striking dress.



  Agfacolor 1000 120 in RA4, then the film dropped to the bottom of the tank and got damaged.

Emily Hermans started to draw

the sun, prior to cutting out a

huge black hole.

Looking great in both.

  Fujicolor 400 H 35 mm, pushed 1 stop in tungsten light.

Sjaak and Sebastiaan



went for elegant vertical stripes,



cutting with scissors and knife.

    TRI X original, then internegative on PolaBlue (my last roll).

Antoine Peters (26!)


put in a


large smile,


lots of talent and many


of his own photographs.




  Kruidvat 200 film in RA4                               

Roswitha van Rijn went for a


western feel:


She has the looks of


Poachontas but


dresses like


Calamity Jane, in red.


She also draws well and cuts


like a Sioux warrior!





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