Holgas are photographic toys. They come from Hong Kong, like the model's family.  
Shooting Holgas on assignment is really about leaving the comfort zone of predictability. It is scary and exciting, and mad. Time goes by in a flash. Then you spend days wondering about what happened, and whether you can use it. This time I think some of the best stuff came out of these plastic traps.
This level of informality has to be accidental. You stumble on it more than make it. But then you have to make it possible by renouncing control, and letting go.
This is as close as you can get to the party short of diving into the spaghetti. The camera is unintrusive, yet it as a strong own personality.
 B setting, flash + hand held.

You shoot like a kid would.


The camera has a flash with built in gels.

They call it "colour splash".




Client: VEDIOR                                                                       Agency: TOTAL IDENTITY                      
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