On the set of a commercial film the photographer is always standing in somebody's way.

I spent six days with Marco Grandia and his people on location, and it was hell!

Would I ever do it again?

You bet I would!


Many thanks to Total Identity,

Marco and Christel Palace and

last but not least Vedior.



When things are moving fast there is a thin line between shooting photographs and being in the shot. Better get in and out quick.
Would you believe all these gadgets?
Marco often leaves the heavy gear behind and goes at it solo, with his 8mm.
Producing as they go.
Extras wait, and wait, and wait
I go filmic myself, and shoot, and shoot, and shoot
Elza looks back and into the lens, I am crouching just out of the frame
Taking directions...
... and ACTION!
As always the youngest in the team carries the heavy burdens.
Client: Vedior     Agency: Total Identity    Art/Concept: Guido van Breda/Marcel Jiskoot
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