Do you remember how it all started? The first afternoon in the dark, the smell of chemicals and paper, the feel of film and cameras and how you had to learn from your mistakes? I do.

           ... write with the developer on the paper, then

turn on the light for a while.

          Fix and wash.

your very first camera in the bathroom mirror, lots of dust on the print...

without a clue, first time with a

borrowed Hasselblad 500C

Old negative, vintage paper, fog.
 my boss owned an 8x10'
do I see a face?


1/8 of a second, hand held



(recent work)


Leica III (1936)

Sicily (2004)


Ben and his Leica shot with my

chinese toy camera (2005)

               my 8x10'
I try to make as many mistakes as it is humanly possible just short of losing the shot completely.
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